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The Circle
The design of the circle is easier for visual recognition, and the closed loop symbolizes reliability.

The Character SHANG
SHANG, written in seal character, reflects the name of Business School, and represents the discipline of business administration.

The Globe
It implies globalization, indicating that the School cultivates talents to be internationally competent with an international vision at an international level.
Latitude and Longitude Lines
They stand for the case where cultivated students take control in the business settings, know the boundaries, take ethics as priority, and make clear distinctions between right and wrong.





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Cypress Tree

In Chinese saying, it implies that it takes a hundred year to cultivate people. Cypress remains green all the year around, indicating the sustainable development of the Business School. Cypress in Chinese pinyin is Bai Shu, which is abbreviated to BS that also represents the Business School. The form of cypress tree is pyramid-shaped that stands for the talent structure, which positions the Business School as a teaching and research institute.

Three Circular Rings

They stand for the three levels of talent cultivation: undergraduate, postgraduate, and research postgraduate.

The number 1995 represents the birth of the Business School.

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