• Zhao Dezhi

    Professor, Doctor of Economics, PhD. Candidate Supervisor, Evaluation Expert of Corporate Management of the Academic Degree Commission of the State Council, Chief Account of Liaoning University (Vice-President Level).

  • Zhou Fei

    Professor, Doctor of Management, PhD. Candidate Supervisor, Vice-Chairman of China's Dream Research Association of Liaoning Province, Director of Liaoning Provincial College and University's Health Management in Collaborative Innovation Center, Member of Risk Management Panel of Liaoning Province, Executive Member of Behavioral Science Academy of Liaoning Province.

  • Dong Yinghou

    Professor, Doctor of Accounting, Postgraduate Student Supervisor.Research Interests: Framework of Financial Accounting; Financial Accounting StandardsTeaching: Fundamental Accounting; Intermediate Financial Accounting

  • ​Guo Yanqing

    Professor, Doctor of Management,  PhD. Candidate Supervisor, Executive Member of the Chinese Institute of Business Administration, Director of China's Marketing Association, Executive Member of Economic Reform Society of Liaoning Province, Director of Chinese Association for Japanese Studies, Director of National Society for Japanese Economy, Vice-Chairman of Dalian Project Management Society, ...

  • Han Liangliang

    Professor, Doctor of Management, Postgraduate Student Supervisor, Director of Business Administration Research Department. He was selected to Liaoning Provincial Outstanding Young Scholars Program. Professor Han also has hosted  the National Social Science Foundation, Humanity and Social Science Foundation of Ministry of Education of China and other Sixteen Provincial Projects .Research Interes...

  • Huo Chunhui

    Professor Huo is the PhD. Candidate Supervisor, Business Administration Postdoctoral Fellow at Fudan University, China, and Visiting Scholar at the University of Southern California, USA. He holds position as the Vice Chairman of the Chinese Institute of Business Administration as well as Liaoning Institute of Business Administration. He is also elected to the Liaoning Provincial Talent Plan (T...

  • Jiang Shuo

    Professor, Master of Economics, PhD. Candidate of Management Science and Engineering, Visiting Scholar at Griffith University, Australia, Postgraduate Student Supervisor, Inactive member of the Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants.Research Interests: Corporate Finance; Corporate GovernanceTeaching: Financial Management; Management Accounting; Advanced Financial Management; Assets V...

  • Li Rongmei

    Professor, Postgraduate Student Supervisor, Evaluation Expert of Senior Accountant in Liaoning Province.Research Interests: Financial Accounting Theory and Practice; Internal Control Theory and PracticeTeaching: Fundamental Accounting; Financial Accounting Theory; Advanced Financial Accounting; Corporate Internal Control

  • Li Xuexin

    Professor, Doctor of Management,  PhD. Candidate  Supervisor, Visiting Scholar at Seoul National University, Korea, Director of the Chinese Institute of Business Administration, Executive Member of China Marketing Association.Research Interests: Marketing Management; International OperationTeaching: International Marketing; Managerial Economics

  • Liu Ligang

    Professor, Doctor of Management, PhD. Candidate Supervisor, Member of the Discipline Assessment Groups of the Academic Degree Commission of the State Council. Research Interests: Enterprises Sustainable Development; Strategy Change and Development of Enterprise; Enterprise Consultation and Planning Teaching: Corporate Strategy Management; Competitive Strategy; Management; Corporation Diagnose and Planning; Classic Western Management Theories; Operation Management

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